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Suggested Protocol for using Eurican Herpes 205


  1. Identify the virus if possible, but often a presumptive diagnosis is made based on clinical signs.
    1. CHV-1 isolation on fresh post-mortem (contact laboratory first re collection)
    2. Paired serum samples from bitch around time of whelping
    3. Gross pathology shows characteristic changes


  1. Good recording is vital start recording before starting vaccinations, preferably going back over past 12 months
    1. Average puppy birth weights
    2. Number of live pups per litter
    3. Number of dead pups per litter
    4. Age and breed of mother
    5. Number of unsuccessful matings
    6. Number of failed pregnancies
    7. Number of puppies dying before 3 weeks of age


  1. Start vaccinating all pregnant bitches even a single vaccination has shown some beneficial effect.


  1. Remaining bitches should be vaccinated as per data sheet, i.e. first vaccine within 7-10 days of mating, 2nd vaccine 6-7 weeks later.


  1. Record again as above


  1. All puppies dying should be autopsied if costs allow, as fading puppy syndrome is a multifactoral disease


  1. Good recording is important to demonstrate efficacy and need for vaccination.
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