An inactivated vaccine is now available from veterinary surgeons in Europe (not USA), produced by Merial. The vaccine, Eurican Herpes 205, has been shown to significantly improve weaning rates, increase puppy birth weights and reduce early puppy death.

There even appears to be a trend to larger litter sizes, indicating a protective effect on the unborn pup.

Even bitches that already have the virus can be vaccinated.

Two doses of the vaccine are given to the bitch, the first dose at or soon after mating and the second dose six to seven weeks later, i.e. mid - late pregnancy. This stimulates the bitch to produce high levels of protective antibody to CHV, which she then passes to the puppies in their first feed of colostrum.

The vaccination schedule must be repeated at each pregnancy, i.e. two injections.

The vaccine will not interfere with PCR or virus isolation tests.



Eurican is a registered trademark of Merial Animal Health Limited.


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